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​Cool Doggie Training

​Cool Doggie Training



The method we use to train your dog is “positive reinforcement” which is humane and is scientifically proven to be the best way to train all animal species. This method will help strengthen your relationship with your dog and achieve a general improvement in your dog’s behaviour. We have small classes so time can be spent on each owner and their dog. 

PUPPY PRESCHOOL (8-14 weeks of age)

It is important that your puppy experiences good associations to other
people, dogs and environments in this early developmental stage of your
puppy’s life. The first 14 weeks of life is extremely important for their
future development. Proper socialisation is taught in a safe environment.

SENIOR PUPPY COURSE (4-6mths of age)

                                                               Pre-requisite: 4 months of age and over. Class size maximum 6 dogs.
                                                               In this course we introduce clicker training  which is a valuable tool
                                                               used to teach new behaviours.  We teach tricks such as "Hi Five!"
                                                               The Stay is introduced which teaches your pup more self control at                                                                         gateways.  Revision of basic foundation behaviours: sit, stand & drop.                                                                   Teaching good socialisation skills i.e. calm behaviour on leash and                                                                          how to pass other dogs safely.

Private training

One on One training is also offered for those clients who would prefer to
learn in the privacy of their own home or who may want to focus on one
or two specific training issues.  Some may not have the time to commit
a course time frame and therefore would benefit more  to a private
lesson/s at a convenient time suited to them. 

Behaviour Consultations in Home

Problem behaviours in dogs are becoming more prevalent in our modern day society due to many reasons. The main reason why dog owners surrender their pets to shelters is for unacceptable
                                                               behaviour. Sadly the main cause of death of puppies under one year of                                                                age is euthanasia due to behavioural problems.
                                                               There are many reasons which can cause problem behaviours
                                                                Understanding what is causing your dog’s behavioural problem is the
                                                                key to finding a solution to helping you and your dog have a much                                                                         happier existence and life together.